The Mighty Soft Shel Crab started in 2009. I was cooking at a great little boutique hotel/restaurant and we put on these little battered soft shell crabs. Mike the owner cringed at the thought of ” these little spider things ” on his menu so being a bit of a wind up merchant I put them on as a starter and we made a fantastic sweet chilli sauce, and finished the dish with creme fraîche on a bed of roquette.The reception was amazing people were commenting that the Chef must have been very good to construct the crab starter in the shape of a crab; little did they know...

I had done some Chef demos at the Abergavenny Food Festival for a couple

Let me introduce themightysoftshellcrab®.

Served on a bed of roquette with a fantastic sweet chilli

sauce then topped with crème fraîche.

of years, specializing in fish.

I received a call asking me if i would  be interested in doing fish tasters in the fish market at the festival as they were short of venders and the Mighty Soft Shell Crab was born. We hadn’t a clue if they would sell - was Wales ready for deep-fried crab! Oh my God!  They flew out - the feedback was so positive. "best street food on the market".

Valentine Warner was our most famous customer on that day. He came back the next year and brought his misses and kids and wanted our sweet chilli sauce recipe what a compliment! He was probably doing it on Saturday Kitchen….

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